Together Lights

Website: Breaking Distance

During the lockdown I had a hard time keeping contact with loved ones that I didn’t live with. Sometimes I wanted to say hi or let them know I was there, without being too invasive with a text or video call. “Together Lights” consists of two desktop lamps, one for you in your own home and one for a loved one living somewhere else.

You and your loved one both control the lights on one side of the heart. The lamps communicate with each other via the internet - your interactions will show up in real time on the other lamp. When you are near the light, your side of the heart will turn blue. When you touch it, it will slowly turn red. When your loved one is near, their side of the heart will turn blue - and they can also turn it red by touching the lamp.

If you are both near each other's lamps the whole heart will turn blue. And if you want to say hi, you can both tap each other’s lamps to make the heart completely red.

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